Build Android

Get and patch the Android source code

Download the Android patch file

then download the patch file from following link into the folder:

Description Resource URL Features
Android source code patch Android-2.3.7_r1.tar.gz (~ 4 MB)
  • Stagefright plugin for hardware video decoder in sam9m10 chips NEW
  • Use H&D SDIO WIFI driverNEW
  • Add camera application
  • Add the touchscreen calibration application to Android
  • Add IP configure application to Android
  • Add configuration files for Android system initialization and ALSA system

Extract the patch file in vendor folder:

$ tar -zxvf Android-2.3.7_r1.tar.gz
Now you can see a new folder < ANDROID_WORKING_DIR >/device/atmel.

Configure and Build Android

Configure compiling environment, take SAM9M10 MCU as an example:

      $ make clean
      $ source build/
      $ partner_setup sam9m10
      $ choosecombo Device release sam9m10 eng

This is to setup Android build environment.

This is used to configure the building environment
  • Syntax:
    choosecombo [Device|Simulator] [release|debug] [device_name] [variants]
  • Parameters of choosecombo
    • Device, used for real device, not simulator
    • Simulator, used for simulator
    • release, used for release version
    • debug, used for debug version
    • variants, three options: user | userdebug | eng. For detailed information, please goto and have a look at section "Choose a Target".

More about partner_setup
partner_setup is a method to copy the modified code from device/atmel to its original space. This command just changes the space to location. Therefore, if you modify the code under device/atmel, you need to run partner_setup before rebuild the your code.
TIP For SAM9G45 MCU, please execute
      $ partner_setup sam9g45 
      $ choosecombo Device release sam9g45 eng

TIP For SAM9X5 MCU, please execute
      $ partner_setup sam9x5
      $ choosecombo Device release sam9x5 eng
When the configuration is finished, the messages will be similar as following:
  • Run make
          $ make
  • ALERT!Note that if your host machine has multiple CPU cores, you can use
          $ make -j2
          $ make -j4
    to speed up the building process.
  • If all goes well, a new folder “out” under the current directory will be newly created. You will see message as follows.
    Generated: (out/target/product/sam9m10/android-info.txt)
    Target system fs image: out/target/product/sam9m10/obj/PACKAGING/systemimage_intermediates/system.img
    Install system fs image: out/target/product/sam9m10/system.img
    Target ram disk: out/target/product/sam9m10/ramdisk.img
    Target userdata fs image: out/target/product/sam9m10/userdata.img
    Installed file list: out/target/product/sam9m10/installed-files.txt

For more information, you can refer to Android web site:

See also: GenerateAndroidImage, AndroidRootfs, GetAndroid
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