Android4SAM Demo Archives

Here is the current release demo packages of Android4SAM for SAMA5D4EK, SAMA5D4 Xplained Ultra and SAMA5D3xEK boards

Based on Android-4.4.2_r2 SAMA5D4 SAMA5D3x
NAND boot Android-4.4.2_r2-sama5d4-nandboot.tgz
SD Card boot Android-4.4.2_r2-sama5d4-sdcardboot.tgz

On SAMA5D4EK it supports:

On SAMA5D4 Xplained Ultra it supports:

On SAMA5D3xEK it supports:

For build procedure, please visit: Android4SAM v4.4

Flash Prebuilt Demo Archives

Flash to Nand Flash

Please check your hardware and run related bat script list as following:
  • For sama5d4ek, run sama5d4ek_nandflash.bat script.
  • For sama5d3xek with resistive touch panel, run sama5d3xek_nandflash.bat script.
  • For sama5d3xek with 4 inch capacitive touch panel (PDA's TM4301 from Digi-Key.), run sama5d3ek_pda4_nandflash.bat script.
  • For sama5d3xek with 7 inch capacitive touch panel ( PDA's TM7000 from Digi-Key.), run sama5d3ek_pda7_nandflash.bat script.
More information please reference: Flashing_a_demo_on_AT91_boards

Flash to SD card

InfoThis need 2GiB SD card at least. Using dd command under Linux work station. It will use root permission to access SD card device. The following is the example under ubuntu with SD card name as /dev/sdc.

Warning, important when use dd command, it overwrite the data on SD card. Please be sure when execute this command and get the right device name of SD card, or else it will cause unrecovery damage.


sudo dd if=Android-4.4.2_r2-sama5d4-sdboot.img of=/dev/sdc


sudo dd if=Android-4.4.2_r2-sama5d3x-sdboot.img of=/dev/sdc

Known Issues

Hardware issues

  • Cannot shut down the system
    • Won't fix: PMIC could not control any more
  • Ethernet
    • Dual Ethernet support for A5D3 is not stable, the status of Ethernet report is not correct sometime.
  • ISI and Touch Screen (TM7000, TM4301) both has repeater on TWI bus, which will cause TWI work abnormal.
    • Workaround: add 0.1nf capacitor on TWI data line.

Software issues

  • ISI
    • The ov9740 won't work, as its resolution height won't be multiple of 16, which cause Android software won't work.

See Also: Release Version

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