Recovery mode is used to make your machine back to the original state. Now it is supported only in Android4SAM v4.3 release.



Only need an extra SD card is enough with EK.


Recovery package, two ways to get it.
  • Download directly from DemoArchives pages, it is included in the demo packages.
    • For NAND flash, it is named
    • For SD card, it is named


EK board enter into recovery mode

Press PB2 on SAMA5D3xEK board, and power on, when you see the following message from console, then you can release PB2 button.
DRAM:  512 MiB
PB2/WAKE_UP button pressed...
NAND:  256 MiB
setup env for recovery...

Update through recovery mode.

Insert the SD card with recovery package, press K4, it enter into the UI of recovery mode. According the information on the UI to do what you want.
The following give an example to recovery from external storage (SD card) with the recovery package named
  • Press K2 to highlight apply update from external storage.
  • Press K3 to select.
  • Press K2 to highlight
  • Press K3 to select. Then, the recovery mode is in progress.
  • When you see Install from sdcard complete, the reboot system now is highted.
  • Press K3, the system reboot to boot up the new system.

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