Android WIFI Usage


On SAMA5D3xEK and SAMA5D4EK, it supports cm8723u USB module, which is a WIFI and BT combo module. For more detail information please see here.
On AT91SAM9M10G45-EK or AT91SAM9X5EK Kit, it support H&D SPB104 SDIO module, for more detail information please see here.

Setup WIFI

  • Power up the system


  • Navigate to home screen and click Settings icon


  • Navigate to Wireless & networks menu and click it


  • Click Wi-Fi to enable WIFI, if it is not be enabled


  • Wi-Fi has been enabled


  • Navigate to Wi-Fi settings menu, it will list the Wi-Fi networks



  • Choose one AP and connect to it. If password is needed, please enter it. Then it will connect to the AP



  • Browse network through the WIFI connection


Enable WIFI module

Take H&D SDIO WIFI module and SAM9M10 EK with Android4SAM 2.0 as an example

WIFI driver compiling

  • Get the WIFI hardware module. For example, H&D SDIO WIFI module.
  • Get the WIFI driver package and build it with the Linux kernel you're using.
  • After a successful compiling, you will get the driver module .ko file.

Android modification

  • Modify the "<android>/atmel/sam9m10/BoardConfig.mk" to set WIFI_MODULE := SDIO
  • Copy the driver ko file to "<android>/device/atmel/common/config/wifi"
  • Modify the "<android>/device/atmel/common/config/wifi/Android.mk" to add the driver file.
    For example: after $(LOCAL_PATH)/owl_sam9m10.ko:system/lib/modules/owl_sam9m10.ko add to this file, it looks like as following:
       ifeq ($(WIFI_MODULE),SDIO) 
            $(LOCAL_PATH)/owl_sam9m10.ko:system/lib/modules/owl_sam9m10.ko \
            $(LOCAL_PATH)/owl_sam9x5.ko:system/lib/modules/owl_sam9x5.ko \
  • Modify the "<android>/device/atmel/common/config/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf" to specify the name of control interface.
    Take H&D as an example, it looks like: ctrl_interface=owl0

  • Modify the <android>/device/atmel/sam9m10/init.atmel.rc
    Set the parameter of the script (e.g: owl0 is for H&D WIFI module)
        setprop wifi.interface owl0
        service wpa_supplicant /system/bin/wpa_supplicant -Dwext -iowl0 -c/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
  • Recompile the Android source code and regenerate the Android file system
  • Flash the image to EK board and test the WIFI

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