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Your Feedback

The AT91SAM website is fundamentally community oriented. We therefore welcome your feedback to help us improve this website and make it an even more useful tool for our community of clients, partners, users, and Atmel technology fans.
contact us at webmaster@at91.com


On this section, you will find Operating System related software distributed by Atmel.

- Linux: Linux4Sam is the main starting point for Linux OS on SAM products. Its aim is to centralize information about Linux kernel and open source projects on ATMEL AT91 SAM products. All demos and kernel distributions are available for free download.

- Windows: Windows4Sam is the main starting point for Windows OS on SAM products. You will be able to download WinCE demos and the sources are under disclaimer approval.

- Android: Android4Sam is the main starting point for Android OS on SAM products. It aims to centralize information about Android and open source projects on ATMEL AT91SAM products.