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Welcome to the main starting point for Linux OS on SAM products. Its aim is to centralize information about Linux kernel and open source projects on ATMEL AT91 Smart ARM-based Microcontrollers (aka SAM).

Our goal is to be an interface with open source projects that include AT91 support. We do not want to duplicate information but to link as much as possible to good resources available on the Web.

Keep an eye on this website as it has been designed for instant update. We will try to make it live with the open source community and update AT91SAM information in those pages. To keep yourself informed, add WebRss or WebAtom feeds in your usual news reader.

Questions, feedback, patches and enhancement are the way open source communities live. Go to LinksToCommunities page for a natural way to interact with material presented on this website.

Latests News

MOVED TO...   New SAMA5D3 Xplained board   new.gif


MOVED TO...   New superset device SAMA5D36 support added to SAMA5D3x family   new.gif


MOVED TO...   Using ISI (Image Sensor Interface)   new.gif


MOVED TO...   ARM Cortex-A5 based SAMA5D3x family  

        MOVED TO...   Getting started with SAMA5D3x-EK

        MOVED TO...   Timesys' LinuxLink Development Center for Atmel SAMA5D3 Series


MOVED TO...   Linux4SAM is currently being modified to host new products and new revisions of components 

        MOVED TO...   If you want access to old material, please go to the LegacyLinux4SAM Page.


MOVED TO...   SD card boot for AT91SAM SoC  


MOVED TO...   Real Time on A91SAM SoC  


MOVED TO...   ADC driver - Linux IIO subsystem

SAMA5D3 Xplained


New SAMA5D36 product


Base components

MOVED TO...   Getting started

The GettingStarted page is the entry point allowing you to experience a Linux4SAM demo system on your AT91SAM Evaluation Kit. Other pages deal with components involved in that demo and explain how to build it from sources.

MOVED TO...   Software tools

MOVED TO...   AT91Bootstrap

MOVED TO...   U-Boot / barebox

MOVED TO...   Linux Kernel

Open source embedded distribution solutions

These very big Open Source projects are able to crosscompile an entire Linux system. They produce full featured root filesystems with many tools and a comprehensive set of applications.

MOVED TO...   OpenEmbedded / Angstrom

MOVED TO...   BuildRoot

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