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ATSAM4S8B platform configuration registers

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:45 pm
by ghostrider
I am playing with my Atmel-8528-TPM-I2C-SPI-Development-Kit, and I like to know if I have the option of saving an encrypted blob into the PCR. That is, does the board come with PCRs? I don't see any reference to it anywhere. In fact I see the following comment in the user manual: "PCR configuration included in the Seal process is presently not supported in this demo." I wonder if this statement refers to the hardware support of PCR or it means that the demo software does not have the code implementation. Can anyone respond to this? I have loaded the demo, and am able to interface with the board via JTAG interface. If the answer is yes, then where do I go in Atmel studio to view the PCRs if I am doing debugging? I am referring the platform configuration registers, which are supposed to be on board of TPM on this kit.