Welcome to Windows4SAM

Welcome to the main starting point for Windows OS on SAM products. Its aim is to centralize information about Windows CE and other Windows Embedded solutions on ATMEL AT91 Smart ARM-based Microcontrollers (aka SAM).

Our goal is to be an interface with Windows embedded solutions which include AT91 support. We do not want to duplicate information but to link as much as possible to good resources available on the Web.

Keep an eye on this website as it has been designed for instant update. We will try to make it live with the Windows Embedded Developer community and update AT91SAM information in those pages.

MOVED TO...   Getting started

The GettingStarted page is the entry point allowing you to experience a Windows4SAM demo system on your AT91SAM Evaluation Kit.

MOVED TO...   Software tools

In this section you will find tools needed to build and to install Windows Embedded Solutions on AT91SAM evaluation kits.

MOVED TO...   Windows Embedded CE BSP Sources

Download for free Windows Embedded CE BSP sources and make you own experience with Windows Embedded CE and AT91SAM.

To complement Atmel's front-line support, Adeneo Embedded provides enhanced versions of these BSPs including additional features and complete support and maintenance, and continues to provide added-value services for embedded systems development based on Windows Embedded and the AT91SAM products. For more information on Adeneo Embedded enhanced BSPs and additional services, please contact sales@adeneo-embedded.com, or click on Adeneo logo below.