Ethernet connection problem with Linux

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Ethernet connection problem with Linux

Tue May 16, 2006 10:24 am

I have custom board. It has Ethernet connection schematics just the same as on reference DK board with DM9161A tranciever. I am using kervel Everything fine, except one annoing problem. When booting kernel everything fine. Then if I disconnect Eth cable, kernel reports LINK DOWN. When I reconnect, LEDs on the RJ45 socket are on, but kernel does not recognise, that connection is established. When I again disconnect cable, it reports Link 100Mbps (or similar) and immideately Link Down. So as a result, if to some rason cable is disconnected, I have to reboot the device to reenable the connection, which is of cause anacceptble. Did anobydy met the problem.

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