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Good Links on the Web

Tue Mar 09, 2004 4:34 pm

Hi everybody,

Here are some good links/description:

* The Official Linux Web Site about the Kernel: Kernel source without any patch,...
* All informations about the Kernel, the drivers for the AT91RM9200 Microcontroller, the patch and the new release. But not the user and application layers,...
* Link to the Linux Patch ressource ... section=20
* How to build a Linux ramdisk, How to install new binaries, Informations about the User Applications,... ... mbdev.html
* The Official dedicated Web Site about the use of the USB with Linux:
-The USB Standard,
-The protocol,
-The news about the last developments and the compatibility problems between the Kernel versions,....
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Fri Nov 19, 2004 3:53 pm


Other good links difficult to find if you don't know them:
* Linux Kernel mailing list FAQ:
* Kernel Newbies: glossaries, articles, presentations, HOWTOs, useful tools for people getting familiar with Linux kernel or driver development.
* Direct view access to the Linux source repository, useful to create patches against the latest versions:


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