Error running SAM-BA CDC 2.12 on fedora 19

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Error running SAM-BA CDC 2.12 on fedora 19

Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:47 pm

Hello all ,

I am new to linuxstamp. I am trying to load the boot file to at91sam9g20-ek processor using sam-ba. When I execute sam-ba I get the following error,

bad option "-mode": should be one of -blocking, -buffering, -buffersize, -encoding, -eofchar, or -translation
while executing
"fconfigure $fd -mode "115200,n,8,1""
invoked from within
"if { $::argc >= 2 } {

puts "-I- Retrieved arguments from command line :"
puts "-I- argv 0 : [lindex $::argv 0]"
puts "-I- argv 1 : [linde..."
(file "/home/sienna/Documents/sam-ba_cdc_cdc_linux/sam-ba/lib/tkcon.tcl" line 4924)
invoked from within
"source [file join $starkit::topdir lib/tkcon.tcl]"
(file "/home/sienna/Documents/sam-ba_cdc_cdc_linux/sam-ba/main.tcl" line 7)

I think it is because tcl doesn't recognize the serial port. Could anyone please help me to solve this issue?

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