How to get the connection/disconnection of a usb cable

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How to get the connection/disconnection of a usb cable

Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:14 am

Hi everybody.
I am pretty new to Linux so I apologize if I will ask some really simple stuff.
I am working on a custom board with SAM9G25 and Angstrom distribution as operating system.

The board as to act as a USB Device (Mass storage device), when will be connected to a Host computer. Right now I am simply enabling and removing the g_mass_storage module and the things are working fine.
In the final version, I need to manage the g_mass_storage module according to the connection and disconnection of a USB cable. I tought to use VBUS as an interrupt (also polling will be fine).

Here it comes my problem.

Since the VBUS GPIO is handled by the USB driver i cannot read it's status from userspace. I only see an interrupt count in /proc/interrupt.
I am asking if there is a way to get an interrupt (from the Driver :?: :?: ) or to be able to read the VBUS GPIO value when the usb cable is connected/disconnected from the system.

I apreciate any kind of help.

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