Threads and slow UART transmissions.

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Threads and slow UART transmissions.

Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:24 am

I am running an application on At91RM9200EK hosting Linux 2.4.27
The application is managed through multiple ... threads
One of the threads send periodically some COM data through libC sendv() function (not blocking), possibly repeating the call until all data is sent .
Which is the simpler way to make sure that a 8 ms receive timeout does not occur in the receiver side ?
The time itself required for a UART transmission, according to its baud rate is no more than 2 ms.
I guessed that every now and then this thread is interrupted right in the middle of a UART transmission.....
I would like that when an UART transmission loop is on, no other thread
will change the execution flow...
Thank you for your attention.

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