Linux4SAM revision 5.6 now available

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Linux4SAM revision 5.6 now available

Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:09 pm


We are pleased to announce the release of Linux4SAM 5.6.
Here are the main feature:

New demo available for all SAMA5 Xplained boards and AT91SAM9x5-EK board. Based on updated components:
* Linux kernel 4.9.x (+ LTS maintenance updates up to v4.9.30)
* AT91Bootstrap 3.8.8
* U-Boot 2017.03 with Device Model / Device Tree support
* Yocto Project 2.2.2 (Morty)
* Buildroot generated from latest 2017.05 revision
* SD Card binaries for each and every board and screen type arrangement
* ISI and ISC with camera sensors enhancements to be compatible with V4L2
* SAMA5D2: ADC / PWM driver backport from Linux Mainline
* maXTouch driver: stabilize and integrate driver enhancements from atmel-maxtouch github repository
* SAMA5D2 Xplained board: Ease of use with on-board eMMC: use of latest SAM-BA 3.2-beta4 to flash the whole rootfs on eMMC
* Ease of use with SD Card: use of the Etcher flashing tool
Please note:
- ALERT! for SAMA5D2: use SAM-BA 3.2 and for now, download it here:
- SAMA5D4 Video Decoder not supported. Use Linux4SAM 5.3 for HW video decoding feature.

You'll find the packages for all boards at the usual place:
The source code is deployed on our github account:

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