Linux4SAM revision 5.8 now available

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Linux4SAM revision 5.8 now available

Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:59 am


We are pleased to announce the release of Linux4SAM 5.8.
Here are the main features:
  • Linux kernel 4.9.x (+ LTS maintenance updates up to v4.9.87)
  • AT91Bootstrap 3.8.10
  • U-Boot 2017.03 with Device Model / Device Tree support
  • Yocto Project 2.4.2 (Rocko)
  • Buildroot generated from latest 2018.02 revision with the new buildroot external: ... -microchip
  • OpenWrt filesystem solution based on master branch of the reunified LEDE / OpenWrt project
  • Support for new SAMA5D2 PTC EK and dedicated page: Sama5d2PtcEKMainPage: linux4sam/bin/view/Linux4SAM/Sama5d2PtcEKMainPage
  • Support for the Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC), able to provide a Capacitive Touch interface. Linux driver uses it as an input device
  • Use of QT LinuxFB with DRM/KMS backend without the need of wayland/weston nor OpenGLES (Mesa 3D)
  • Libplanes graphical library for taking advantage of the LCD hardware overlays (2D Hardware operations):
  • Availability of the new Microchip Peripheral I/O Python Package: mpio:
  • And all the goodies of previous Linux4SAM revisions!
Note that the SDK are also available in several flavors as well: linux4sam/bin/view/Linux4SAM/SoftwareTo ... roject_SDK

You'll find the packages for all boards at the usual place:
The source code is deployed on our github account:

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