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Using ffmpeg or gstreamer with dri/kms on SAMA5D27-SOM-EK1

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:41 pm
by iktek
Hi Folks,
for a POC I need to use ffmpeg or gstreamer without the "virtual" framebuffer in between as I need to use the "hardware-color-conversion" feature of the SAMA5.

To be more specific I try to find out the h264 encoding performance of SAMA5 and the video is in a YUV Colorspace. To write to the Framebuffer I need to SW-convert to RGB which seems to consume further cpu.

Are there any hints to do so? As the atmel driver seems to not offer a render-node in /dev/dri I don't see how to use the corresponding plugins for gstreamer(kmssink) or ffmpeg (vaapi).

Maybe s.o. has another idea to use hw-color conversion (e.g. reconfigure the framebuffer to different pixelformat or sth.)

Best Regards
Pascal Speck