Yocto /boot partition not using opkg/ipk packages

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Yocto /boot partition not using opkg/ipk packages

Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:11 pm


I am in the process of developing a yocto based system on the sama5d2. My plan was to you opkg to manage and update my files. This works fine for packages in the root filesystem. Packages in the /boot partition on the other hand seem to only be copies of the ones found in the ipks generated by the build process. When i try to update or check owner of these files(kernel image, data tree blob, uboot, etc) the command fails. I would like to know if it how i could either us the version or theses files in the ipks or have the package management system recognize them as the same file. I think this is related to how my wic image is created for a boot partition, but i cant find much in the way of documentation on where this script is, how it is called, and how to configure it with respect to package management. Any guidance or links to relevant documentation would be helpful.


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