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Matrix organized SPI bus driver

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:23 pm
by szantot
Dear All,

I am using SAMA5D27-SOM1.
I would need to communicate to multiple specific chips over SPI but this chip has a reduced pin configuration - only SDI and SCK without chip select and SDO. The communication would be only one way, so basically it is enough.
The suggested connection from manufacturer is a matrix organized SPI bus with multiple SCKs and SDIs where you can address the individual chips by using the corresponding SCK and SDI - see attached schematic (forget the SW1 and SW2 pins, they are only contact outputs of a switch).

Do you happen to know a linux driver for such configuration or a nice workaround? Of course it can be solved by multiplexing the SPI bus but maybe a better solution exists.

Thank you for your suggestions.