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How to configure a generic clock for source and prescale?

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:22 pm
by mikehaben
OK, wholesale replacement of my previous post, as I now realise it probably made no sense at all!

My hardware situation is quite simple: a MAX9860 audio codec connected to I2S1 interface of a SAMA5D27, with I2S1's MCLK output acting as the codec's source clock.

How do I configure I2S1 to use its "generic-clock" source, and configure that generic-clock to use something other than the 32kHz clock (so main, plladiv, utmi, mck or audio_pll_pmc) as its source?

As a previous post (viewtopic.php?t=26510) noted, the topic of programmable clocks is "not so easy to understand" if you're not an Atmel specialist, one or two concrete examples in the documentation would be really helpful!