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make bridge with BT pan and ethernet

Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 12:10 pm
by neofresa
I am using SAMA5d2xplaned board with bt chip to test a demo with bt pan
bt stack is cypress bsa_server
now, I am trying to have a BT pan network with bridge eth0 but always failed,
is any reference for this? thank you.

here my settings on sama5d2:

with BT PAN NAP:
Setup bridge:
# brctl addbr pan0
# ifconfig pan0
# brctl setfd pan0 0
# brctl stp pan0 disable
# brctl addif pan0 eth0

start BT server
brctl addif pan0 tap0
ifconfig tap0

then eth0 will down, and ssh to board is not available,
any comment are welcome , thank you