Linux4SAM revision 2020.04 now available

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Linux4SAM revision 2020.04 now available

Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:43 pm

The MPU Linux team is proud to announce the release of Linux4SAM 2020.04

Linux4SAM website is now updated with the relevant information on:
The source code is deployed on our github account:

* New naming scheme:
New naming scheme for Linux4SAM releases. The name will now reflect the year and month of the release, for easy identification of the moment in time of the release.

* New demo available for all previous SAMA5 boards and SAM9X60-EK board. Based on updated components:
* Linux kernel 5.4.x (+ LTS maintenance updates up to v5.4.41)
* AT91Bootstrap 3.9.2 with security fixes (Buildroot, OpenWrt); 3.9.3 with additional move to Python3 (Yocto Project only)
* U-Boot 2020.01 with PDA screen detection at boot time ... tionAtBoot , FIT image support and overlay support. Additional support for unlocking and writing SST QSPI flashes in U-boot (saving environment to QSPI flash for example)
* Yocto Project 3.1 (Dunfell). First to benefit from the Long Term Support ... announced/ (LTS) plan.
* Buildroot generated from 2020.02.2 LTS revision using buildroot external
* OpenWrt Linux operating system : 19.07.2 stable branch
* Device tree overlays and FIT Image support
* New full featured graphical demos using the Microchip Ensemble Graphics Toolkit EGT 1.0 as a graphic library
* Integrated WILC driver and firmware version 15.4 .
* Amazon Web Services GreenGrass (AWS GG) v1.10.1 is now included and ready to connect to AWS Cloud for all our sama5d2 based boards !

check this out directly from Linux4SAM landing page:

Demo Image for all boards. Choose with or without screen option, your root filesystem flavor, flash and you're ready to go:

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