How are modules loaded

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How are modules loaded

Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:50 am

I am using a custom board with ATSAMA5D27C-LD2G.
I am trying to have modules loaded immediately at startup, but I don't see any modules-load.d or modprobe.d directories created (using obviously meta-atmel).
However, I do see atmel_usba_udc loaded automatically.

So my question is, how?

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Re: How are modules loaded

Thu Jul 23, 2020 9:05 pm

slevi wrote: How are modules loaded
Apparently you mean kernel module (for a driver).

slevi wrote: So my question is, how?
(Obviously you're asking an XY question.)
The simple answer is that an (active) driver mentioned in the Device Tree (referenced by the compatible string/property) will have its probe routine executed.
If the driver is statically linked into the kernel, then execution of its probe routine is performed during the kernel initialization phase.
Otherwise the probe is deferred until after the root filesystem is mounted and (e)udev will try to automatically load the appropriate kernel module.


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