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Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 6:06 am
by conger
Hello all,

I am attempting to make use of the gettimeofday() function call to provide timing in some apps that I write for my board which runs the AT91RM9200DK distribution of ARM Linux. By "provide timing", I simply mean to measure how long it takes to execute certain pieces of code. I get no warnings or errors when I compile, yet when I use it in my programs it always returns 0. However, when I use iperf or other pre-compiled programs which report timing, they work fine. I can also see through commands at the prompt that my board is indeed keeping time. Is there some common issue that everyone who uses this distribution of Linux must do to get the gettimeofday() function to work, or is it likely something about the way I configured or compiled it that it is not working for my user apps? Or, is there another timing function or method of measurement which I can do to accomplish the same thing, even if I can't figure out why gettimeofday() doesn't work? Any hints or thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!