AT91SAM9263EK BSP eboot serial port

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AT91SAM9263EK BSP eboot serial port

Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:07 pm


Do you know why there are the EBOOT_LowLevelInit() (at init_at91sam9263.c) calls OEMInitDebugSerial twice? Once before SetProcessorAndMasterClocks and once after? I have a custom AT91SAM9263 board with 18MHz oscillator instead of the 16MHz crystal on AT91SAM9263EK. Firstboot works fine without any changes and the serial port output looks fine. But for Eboot, the serial terminal displays dummy characters first before displaying "Press [ENTER] to download now or [SPACE] to cancel." correctly. I think the OEMInitDebugSerial before SetProcessorAndMasterClocks is causing the dummy characters. Is that right?

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Re: AT91SAM9263EK BSP eboot serial port

Tue Sep 22, 2009 11:26 am


The first OEMInitDebugSerial is used to display debug information on the SetProcessorAndMasterClocks function.
The second is used to fix issues after SetProcessorAndMasterClocks function. In fact, the function OEMInitDebugSerial uses GetMasterClock function. The value returns is changed after SetProcessorAndMasterClocks.



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