What is in the Atmel WinCE free package?

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What is in the Atmel WinCE free package?

Tue Oct 27, 2009 5:48 pm

I am trying to choose the best micro and environment to develop a CAN linked touch graphics HMI interface product and like the look of the Atmel 9263 chip and it's starting EK.
We already have Vis Studio 2008 Pro and would like to use WinCE as our dev platform.
What comes with the free Atmel package? I assume it includes the BSP and loaders/debug interfaces etc. Is this correct?
Also as we want to place our product on custom h/w can we access the driver source code and modify it with no extra costs?
Lastly, will we need the WindowsCE main package from MS costing ~£1000 and will we need to start a distribution licence for our embedded distributions? What do these licences cost?
Are there any other costs that I have not found yet?
Your guidance to clarify all the above points would be very appreciated.

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