WinCE in (AT91SAM9G45M10EK).

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WinCE in (AT91SAM9G45M10EK).

Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:22 am

Hi All,

I have started working on the evaluation board for AT91SAM9G45 (AT91SAM9G45M10EK).

I have removed the WinCE 6.0 Demo from NAND. I have installed the FirstBoot.nb0 and eboot.nb0 successfully on NAND as per the guideline in install.txt. I have installed nk.nb0 in the same way.
Eboot execute in proper way however WinCE does not boot it properly.

I have tried number of option and faced following problem.
1. I have rebuilt the image nk.nb0 and installed nk.nb0 as per specified location. Please note that I am using SAM-BA v2.9. I have seen the discusiion in forum where it suggested to use SAM-BA v2.5. Please confirm the same. Where can I download the v5.0 version of SAM-BA

2. Also I observed that during downloading the image from NAND Flash, the board gets resettled. I have increased the default waltchdog time from 20 seconds to 40 seconds in eboot. However eboot.nb0 is not generated. I have confirmed the presence eboot.bin but eboot.nb0 does not exist. I have ensured that has necessary command to convert from .bin to .nb0 file format. I tried to convert manually by viewbin and cvrtbin tool however viewbin output eboot.bin image length is 0.

3. Can I run the nk.nb0 by downloading from SAM-BA and executing the image by simply go <address> ?
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Re: WinCE in (AT91SAM9G45M10EK).

Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:09 am

Please see my answers per your issue.
Issue 1,
When EBoot load NK.nb0 from NandFlash and launch it, EBoot needs to know following 3 things:
(1). how much amount of data should it load from NandFlash?
(2). Where it should load the NK.nb0 to in the DDR-RAM?
(3). What's the address of code that it should jump to?
If you download nk.nb0 through SAM-BA without setting the above 3 items, EBoot wont be able to load and launch OS Image properly.
This information will be passed to and saved by EBoot when it downloads image from VS 2005 through ethernet.

Issue 2,
Please check the generated file in your release directory and compare it against EBoot.bib in the EBoot source code location. Most likely, you EBoot code and data size exceeds the limitation in EBoot.bib.

Issue 3,
No, you cannot. The reason is that there is a block in DDR-RAM called DRVGLOB, which includes some system settings of WinCE runtime Image. These settings are written by EBoot.nb0. So without EBoot.nb0, you need to use some other method to write this setting info, otherwise, WinCE Image could have problem when it starts.

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