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Executing nk.nb0 from RAM

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:54 am
by Prasaddd

I have AT91SAM9G45-EKES development board. I have downloaded the BSP source code (AT91SAM9G45M10EK_SRC_CE6_v100) from the Windows4SAM site. (windows4sam/bin/view/Windows4SAM/).

I can rebuild the image and download it to the development board, presently, it is working fine.

Now, to avoid the significant time while downloading I want to load the image directly to RAM.

1. Is it possible to download the image (nk.nb0) to RAM directly by SAM-BA tool?
2. Do I need eboot or first boot to execute the nk.nb0 from SRAM or it can be executed directly by command 'go address' ?
3. Will OS take care for hardware initialization in case if eboot is absent?
4. Any other suggestion to avoid the download time in NAND flash?


Re: Executing nk.nb0 from RAM

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:35 am
Actaully we do not suggest you to use SAM-BA to download NK.nb0 to SRAM.

1. SRAM is only 64KB, which is not large enough to hold the image
2. Even you download nk.nb0 to DDR-ram, NK.nb0 need some configurations before it can start and by default those configurations are setup by EBoot.
3. What we suggest is to download the image into flash through EBoot and then let the EK board go straight to launch image from Flash.