Modem Dial Up on AT91SAM9263

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Modem Dial Up on AT91SAM9263

Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:29 pm

Dear all,
I have an AT91SAM9263 and my goal is to connect and use a modem.
To be honest I am pretty a newby willing to learn (but the road is long).

I have created a New Dial Up connection "My Connection"
(Settings-->Network and Dial-Up connections-->Make new connection) selecting the only available modem: Hayes compatible on COM1.

When selecting "My Connection"-->Connect , after some time I get the following message:
"The port is not available: another program maybe using it".

I thought the problem is that COM1 is used by debugger. Did I get it right?

I have also tried to remap the modem adding the following values in project.reg:

"FriendlyName"="Hayes Compatible on COM2:"

As a result I got an "Error from RasDial" when launching the preconfigured Dial UP connections.

Can anyone suggest a way to go ahead or any reference to an "how to"?

Thanks, thanks much in advance

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