AT91SAM9263EK - Ethernet driver issue

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AT91SAM9263EK - Ethernet driver issue

Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:03 am

Dear All

(I re-submit my issue since my previous one was lost due to a web problem.)

I'm using an AT91SAM9263 board with WinCE 6.0 R3 operating system
(Evaluation Kit installed - from file )

The problem is related to multicast messages: I verified that board can send UDP multicast messages but is not able to receive them. Test was performed capturing network traffic on board side and on machine: the comparison of two tracks highlightes that multicast messages were properly reached at machine but didn't reach the board.

I find in the forum a problem such this submitted on 2009 (forum/viewtopic.php/f,13/t,5510/ "Multicast receiving doesn't work on WinCE 6.0 ").

In the EK documentation (“ TECHNICAL DESIGN DOCUMENT”) I read:
· “Multicast is not implemented.” ( (“TECHNICAL DESIGN DOCUMENT”)

· Multicast management
void EMACCurrentPacketFilter(UINT32 filter)
Nothing to do in this function.
BOOL EMACMulticastList(UINT8 *pAddresses, UINT32 count)
Nothing to do in this function

In Emac.c file I found that the mentioned functions are "not active"

VOID EMACCurrentPacketFilter(UINT32 filter) {}
BOOL EMACMulticastList(UINT8 *pAddresses, UINT32 count) {return TRUE;}

So, I am a little confuse on this subject.
Could you please let me know if:
- does AT91SAM9263EK support multicast messages? (from request in the forum seems not, but from code seems there are functions to handle it, even if void)
- if answer to previous question is yes, why this function doesn't work (seems turned off in the code)? How it is possible to fix it?

Looking forward your reply

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Re: AT91SAM9263EK - Ethernet driver issue

Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:51 pm

Hi Barbara,

The BSP has been modified since the v1.3.0B and the Multicast has been implemented. We pushed the new version to ATMEL but it seems that the web site has not been yet updated.

Please contact our sales service at to get the new version.


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