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SAM9263 - CAN driver

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 11:28 am
by samie

We are using AT91SAM9263. The software platform is WinCE 6.0. The BSP is provided by Adeneo.

We are having some issues re using the CAN driver, and I am wondering if anybody would like to comment on the following:

a. Has anybody been able to successfully 'transmit' CAN messages that have 'extended messages IDs'?

b. Currently I enable RX or TX only as and when required. E.g. to send some data, I configure a mailbox for reception, receive the data, and then disable that configuration. However, even after RX is disabled, when I try 'transmitting' some data, the message gets sent but with no data (just the message ID).

b. i. If I enable RX, but dont disable it and configure another mailbox to transmit data, it never happens; i.e. no data gets sent if at least one of the mailbox has been enabled and is active for reception.

I would appreciate if anybody could please provide some feedback on the above items, or any general comments on the CAN driver.