AT91SAM9G20 and SDHC, SD boot, OEMIdle

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AT91SAM9G20 and SDHC, SD boot, OEMIdle

Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:35 pm


I just have started a project based on the AT91SAM9G20 and Win CE6.0R3. I am currently using the AT91SAM9G20-EK with the source BSP 0.3.1, where the SDHC driver is flaged as not working. Are there any plans to support this feature in a future revision of the BSP?

A file compare with the same driver from the SAM9263 BSP showed a lot of similarities to the SAM9G20 and that driver is not flaged as not working. Is it worh investigatigating a port on the SAM9G20? Or maybe from another existing BSP which has a greater version number? Are there any issues / differences which are not so obvious?

Are there any plans to implement a boot from the SD Card in the AT91SAM9G20's BSP? Since this option is available in the AT91SAM9G20's ROM boot (boot.bin in the root of a non-SDHC FAT formatted card), it would be a very nice to have feature.

Another issue of interest for us is the Image Sensor Interface. Can we expect driver support in future BSP releases?

And last but not least, is it worth investigating different power reducing mechanisms in OAL (OEMIdle), or is the BSP already providing the optimal solution?

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