How to display splash screen at boot-up on WinCE 6.0?

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How to display splash screen at boot-up on WinCE 6.0?

Fri Dec 24, 2010 8:09 am

Hi All,

My WinCE 6.0 booloader is currently hard-coded to 480x272 display mode. Now I would like to display a 800x600 mode on LCD Screen. I gone through Wince 6.0 fully,code was developed by GIMP tool and i have given code for your reference below,

//GIMP header image file format

static unsigned int width = 480;
static unsigned int height = 272;

/* Call this macro repeatedly. After each use, the pixel data can be extracted */

#define HEADER_PIXEL(data,pixel) {\

pixel[0] = header_data_cmap[(unsigned char)data[0]][0]; \

pixel[1] = header_data_cmap[(unsigned char)data[0]][1]; \

pixel[2] = header_data_cmap[(unsigned char)data[0]][2]; \

data ++; }

static const char header_data_cmap[256][3] = {,,,..}

static const char header_data[] = {,,,..}

"I am using ATMEL BSP for AT9SAM9G45 controller"

Would anyone please give me some tips or conversion tool from .BMP to GIMP header file format for display a splash screen on 800x600 mode at boot-up on Wince 6.0?



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