[Solved] Can't run .NET Compact Framework application

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[Solved] Can't run .NET Compact Framework application

Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:55 pm


I have a problem with running .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (.NET CF 2.0) applications on my customized AT91SAM9260 board.

I have included .NET CF 2.0 catalog items in Platform Builder (SYSGEN_DOTNETV2, SYSGEN_DOTNETV2_SR, SYSGEN_DOTNETV2_SUPPORT) and I have done "Clean Sysgen".

When I run a managed console application through telnet connection it finishes immediately without any regular or error output (even when the application contains Console.WriteLine("abc"); statement).

When I run a managed form-based application through remote desktop connection (cerdisp.exe), I can't see any window being open.

When I try to debug a managed console application (.NET CF 2.0) using Visual Studio 2005 (either through USB ActiveSync or ethernet connection), I am getting this error message box in Visual Studio IDE:

Unable to start program '%CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES%\ConsoleApplication1\ConsoleApplication1.exe'.
Operation not supported. Unknown error 0x80000000

Has anyone of you ever had such problem? And if so, do you know a solution?

Thank you.


Version information:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition - Version 8.0.50727.762 (SP.050727-7600)
Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP2 - Version 2.0.7045
Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Platform Builder Service Pack 1 (2027), R3
Last PB updates - from May 2010

Excerpt from pbxml file:
<FeatureCollection Name="AnchoredFeatures" EnforceUniqueItems="True">
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_as_base" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_wceload" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_ethernet" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_ppp" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_autoras" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_tapi" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_unimodem" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_shell" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_usbfn_serial" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_netutils" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_ftpd" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_telnetd" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_usb" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_usb_storage" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_fatfs" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_storemgr_cpl" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_audio" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_standardshell" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_cpp_eh_and_rtti" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_cerdisp" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_console" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_aygshell" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_ppp_server" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_dotnetv2_sr" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_dotnetv2" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:MS:sysgen_dotnetv2_support" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:VE:corecon_v200_armv4i_sysgen" />
<Configuration Name="Item" TargetBinFilename="nk.bin" BuildType="Retail" FriendlyName="AT91SAM9260EK Release">
<FeatureCollection Name="BspFeatures" EnforceUniqueItems="True">
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:AdeneoSAS:bsp_at91sam9260ek_nandflash" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:AdeneoSAS:bsp_at91sam9260ek_usbfn" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:ADENEO:bsp_at91sam9260ek_emacndis" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:ADENEO:bsp_at91sam9260ek_wavedev" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:ADENEO:bsp_at91sam9260ek_spi" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:Adeneo:bsp_at91sam9260ek_serial_usart1" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:ADENEO:bsp_at91sam9260ek_serial_usart0" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:ADENEO:bsp_at91sam9260ek_eeprom" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:ADENEO:bsp_at91sam9260ek_i2c" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:Adeneo:bsp_at91sam9260ek_savedregistry_nand" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:ADENEO:bsp_at91sam9260ek_sdcard" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:Adeneo:BSP_BOOT_FROM_SPIDATAFLASH_CS1" />
<Feature Name="Item" CatalogItemId="Item:Adeneo:BSP_KITL_ON_SERIAL" />
<FeatureCollection Name="FeaturesExcludedFromImage" EnforceUniqueItems="True" />
<BuildOptionCollection Name="BuildOptions" EnforceUniqueItems="True">
<BuildOption Name="Item" OptionName="IMGEBOOT" OptionValue="True" />
<BuildOption Name="Item" OptionName="IMGNODEBUGGER" OptionValue="True" />
<BuildOption Name="Item" OptionName="IMGNOKITL" OptionValue="True" />
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Re: Can't run .NET Compact Framework application on AT91SAM9260

Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:39 pm

I have worked it out finally.

In my OAL code in IoControl() function I had IOCTL_HAL_GET_DEVICE_INFO case in switch statement commented out.

After uncommenting this case, Compact Framework applications started to work.

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