How to work with CAN-bus on AT91SAM9263-EK on WinCE 6

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How to work with CAN-bus on AT91SAM9263-EK on WinCE 6

Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:30 pm


I use a board AT91SAM9263-EK. The board has CAN-bus.
I have a BSP (WinCE 6) without driver CAN-bus. I found BSP with driver CAN-bus, but it doesn't work.

I succeeded to include file-driver CAN-bus ("at91sam9263ek_CAN.dll")to working BSP, but I can not use it (driver) function.
On PC I view function DLL-file ("at91sam9263ek_CAN.dll"): CAN_Close, CAN_Deinit, CAN_DLLEntry, CAN_IOControl, CAN_Init, CAN_Open, CAN_PowerDown, CAN_PowerUp, CAN_Read, CAN_Seek, CAN_Write.
When I initialize functions DLL-file ("at91sam9263ek_CAN.dll") in my project (on C#) and call these functions - occurs error.

I found example application (on C++) for work with CAN-bus. I found example in BSP, which does not work. But example project didn't have file "CANHelper.h", which including in example project.

Also I have an idea of working CAN-bus - using the DeviceIOControl from file "coredll.dll".
I will use the constants and structures of the file "atmel_can_ioctr.h", but there are not defined constants: FILE_DEVICE_UNKNOWN, METHOD_BUFFERED, FILE_READ_ACCESS, FILE_WRITE_ACCESS, FILE_ANY_ACCESS and function CTL_CODE.
Just do not know how to work with CAN-bus with DeviceIOControl.

Please, prompt, how to work with CAN? Do you have a working example of a CAN-bus or "CANHelper.h"?

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