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Accessing COM5 port of AT91SAM9M10G45EK

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:34 pm
by pvd

I am using AT91SAM9M10G45EK with Wince6.
I can access COM3 i.e.USART1 .
But I want to access USART3 i.e.COM5 (This is as per the registry setting given under ..\WINCE600\PLATFORM\AT91SAM9G45M10EK\SRC\DRIVERS\Serial\AT91SAM9G45M10EK_serial_USART3.reg file)

After checking the registry settings of existing flashed -OS image , I found registry entry of COM3 but not for COM5. So I thought not having entry of COM5 , is the reason for not getting access to COM5. So I added registry settings for COM5.

But still I am not able to access COM5.

Please help to solve this problem.

Re: Accessing COM5 port of AT91SAM9M10G45EK

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:19 pm
by Alamo
edit platform.reg and add your reg file before build osdesign.

; Serial driver
#include "$(_TARGETPLATROOT)\SRC\DRIVERS\Serial\AT91SAM9G45M10EK_serial_USART1.reg"
#include "$(_TARGETPLATROOT)\SRC\DRIVERS\Serial\AT91SAM9G45M10EK_serial_USART3.reg"
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------