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USB mouse and keyboard problem in at91sam9g45 wince6.0

Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:30 am
by nagarjunapillai
Hi all,
I built the atsam9g4ek-demo OS design (Given along with the evaluation board) for wince 6.0 and wrote the firstboot.nb0, eboot.nb0 and nk.nb0 onto the
nandflash using SAMBA. After OS boot, I inserted the USB mouse but it didnt get detected(cant move or click).
So was the case with USB Keyboard. I thought USB HID Class drivers must be missing and checked the catalog of the atsam9g4ek-demo OS design
and found the following items selected for USB

-> USB Host Support -> USB Function Driver
-> USB Host Support
-> USB Human Input Device(HID) Class Driver
-> USB HID KeyBoard & Mouse
-> USB HID KeyBoard Only
-> USB Mouse only
-> USB Storage Class Driver

Device Driver
-> USB Function Clients
-> Serial

Third Party
-> USB Function
-> USB Function Bus Drivers
-> USB Function Driver

I think with these catalog items selected the usb mouse and keyboard must work fine. But they are not.
Must I include any other item in the catalog?
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Re: USB mouse and keyboard problem in at91sam9g45 wince6.0

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:06 am
by nagarjunapillai
The BSP(Atsam9g4V1.0) I was using didnt support HID Class device. I downloaded the latest BSP for the atsam9g45ek board and the problem got solved