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SAM9G20 SAM-BA problem

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:47 pm
by Michel4CE
i trying to create a Windows CE image for an OC8-S using the ADENEO BSP.
I downloaded the SAM-BA tool and trying to connect to my device.
This cause me several problems so i have several questions.
The situation right now is that i cannot connect.
I run SAM-BA on windows 7 and trying to install AT91 USB2 serial device driver. But Windows 7 automaticly as soon as i plug the device download from windows update FTDI device driver.. So my first questions :
- Is it possible to use SAM-BA with FTDI driver ?
- Is that necessary to setup COM parameter for device communication ?
Because it's not working with the FTDI drivers i tried to install the driver from the atm6124_cdc.inf. The problem is that driver return an error (10) and cannot start.
-Is there are something wrong runnig SAM-BA 2.11 on Windows 7 ?
-Is the problem comes from the device from open Controller (OC8-S+OC8-H) ?

All suggestion and remarks are welcome