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How to delete the EBI1 ram from 9G45EK?

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:24 pm
by corben
I use 9G45 for my new project. It base on the 9G45EK, I delete the ram on the EBI1,and the DDR2 ram on EBI0 is same with the EK board. Which files need modify for this change?

delete the AT91SAM9G45M10EK_VA_BASE_DDRAM2 item in the g_oalAddressTable.

delete the RAM2 line.

3.ddram.c (firstboot)
delete the call AT91F_InitDDRam_EBI() at the end of function AT91F_InitDDRam().

Does any one else?

Now I download the firstboot.nb0 and the eboot.nb0, the board doesn't work, CPU stop after the "INFO : Low Level Init : OK" "INFO : DDRam init : OK". and reboot. Eboot can not been exec, I can't see the eboot shell in debug serial.