Command Processor Console on DBGU

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Command Processor Console on DBGU

Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:09 pm

I have been working with the Adeneo AT91SAM9G45M10EK v1.4.0A BSP (I don't think it is tied to this SOC though, I have experienced the same difficulty with AT91SAM9263EK) for Windows CE 6.0. I have developed an OSDesign for a headless system. I would like to have a command processor available on the DBGU port. The DBGU port works properly for FirstBoot, EBoot, and driver RETAILMSG output. According to the MSDN documentation, I should be able to start a command processor (cmd.exe) on the debug port with the default HKLM\Drivers\Console registry settings of OutputTo=dword:-1 ... d.60).aspx

I am able to start an instance of cmd.exe and I even get the expected output on the DBGU port:

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 Pocket CMD v 6.00
But it seems to exit immediately. No input from the DBGU port is processed. I am using a simple .NET application to start the process and can see that the HasExited property is true directly after the Process.Start() method call. I have tried playing with the \k argument with no effect. I have also tried adjusting the COMSpeed registry setting with no effect.

I have read through the related MSDN articles and seen that this functionality seems to depend on the functions OEMInitDebugSerial, OEMWriteDebugByte, OEMWriteDebugString, OEMReadDebugByte, and OEMClearDebugCommError. I added stubs for the OEMWriteDebugString and OEMClearDebugCommError functions also with no effect. The other functions are all implemented and seem appropriate. They are shared with EBoot and seem to work input and output in that case.

It seems like either I am missing a setting somewhere (perhaps a catalog option) or the OEM implementation is missing something necessary for this to work. I am at a loss as how to continue as the Process.Start() method throws no exceptions and the ExitCode property is 0.

Any guidance would be appreciated; many thanks.

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