Problem :Booting Windows CE from the Nand flash

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Problem :Booting Windows CE from the Nand flash

Tue Jun 10, 2008 11:37 am

Dear all,
I got a new AT91SAM9263EK bom rev.007 . The device built up on the AT91SAM9263 Rev.B controller and supports the NAND flash boot. I can able to load the RAMBOOT+EBOOT+kernel to the nand flash with the help of the SAM-BA v2.7. But while booting, the debug terminal shows,
INFO : Low Level Init : OK
Init Data flash
ERROR : Reading Eboot from DATAFLASH

The WInce demo in the CDROM with the kit will not work for this BOM rev. So I got it from the link given by atmel. If i load the RAMBOOT+Eboot to the DataFlash it works fine. So is it the problem regarding the bootloader....??
Please help me to boot this device from the Nandflash.

Thanks in advance,

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