how to write database back to NandFlash

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how to write database back to NandFlash

Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:15 pm

I customed an WinCE6.0 with my database(sqlce 3.5) applcation
in 9261_EK.The database file (named Test.sdf) has a lot of data when I
bind it to WinCE6.0 OS.

It runs fine. But when I reset 9261_EK, the data I run the AP in 9261_EK
was gone.

Test,sdf is a read/write file, therefore I have move it out of "\Windows"
I move it to "\My Documents\Test.sdf". Therefore the Test.sdf file
is copied to SDRAM, when I reset, or no battery... The data in SDRAM was

How to write the "\My Documents\Test.sdf" back to NandFlash which
the databse is originally binded in NK.bin.
Therefore when I reset the 9261_EK, I still can get the lastest database

Thanks a lot,

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