USB connection cannot be found

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USB connection cannot be found

Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:12 am

Good morning!

First i would like to say that i searched the forum for topics dealing with similar problems like i am forced to.

I got a brand-new AT91SAM9263-EK and would like to run WINCE 6 on it.

What i have done so far:
1) I inserted the backup battery
2) Started the board --> lcd-demo (with the two pictures, ape and coast)

3) downloaded the WinCE 6 demo
4) used the documentation in the folder (ppt-file)
5) closed the J5 jumper (boot mode select)
6) installed AT91ISP_v1.12 (SAM-BA v2.8, SAM-PROG v2.4) incl. reboot of PC
7) reseted the board
8) connected the USB-device cable
9) started SAM-BA

That is all i have done so far.

Is there something i have not done yet (installing a driver or something else)?
Is there any documentation about how to install WinCE6 on the device? I could not find any useable documentation on the cd yet.

I hope somebody can help me to solve my problem.

Best Regards

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