Problems with at91sam9261-ek dataflash

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Problems with at91sam9261-ek dataflash

Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:41 pm


I'm having a problem when i want try to load the dataflashboot in dataflash with samba;
when i selected init & select AT45 Dataflash on CS0 in the scrips rolling and press execute, appears the following:

-I- Switch to the correct PCS of SPI0 Mode Register (Fixed Peripheral Selected)
-I- Chip Select 0 Selected
-I- Enable the SPI0
-I- Wait for dataflash ready (bit7 of the status register)
-E- DataFlash Not Detected
(Escritorio) 1 %

also if i use the eboot in the hyperterminal with option N (Nand Flash Menu) to full erase it, the following message appears:

LLD_ERASEBLOCK::Block erasing has failed on block physical 0x26 (status 0xe1):

any help to find the solution to this

thanks in advance..

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