problem with booting the WinCe in the at91SAM9263-EK

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problem with booting the WinCe in the at91SAM9263-EK

Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:02 pm

hi, :P
I have configured my kit to boot the WinCE Demo from a Flash Disk throught SAM-BA 2.8 and hyper terminal.
after that, i reset the kit, WinCE run but the hyper terminal display :

PHY ID : 25278624
PHY_GetConfiguration : autoneg not complete
PHY_WaitForAutonegociationComplete Autoneg not complete
Autonegociation failed

on the kit, i get a white screen and it displays this message :

press and briefly stylus on the center of repeat as the target movesaround the screen

please, if you have any idea about this problem, tel me
thank you......


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