AT91SAM9261-EK Nandflash versions and BSP

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AT91SAM9261-EK Nandflash versions and BSP

Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:00 pm

I have AT91SAM9261-EK board and a custom board based on the AT91SAM9261-ek. I am able to load the Win CE 5.0 demo image onto the AT91SAM9261-EK board without a problem using SAM-BA 2.7. However, whenever I load it onto the custom board, the loading process goes as described but the Win CE image never boots up.

**** The only difference between the two boards is that AT91SAM9261-EK uses Samsung Nandflash K9F2G08U0M and the custom board uses K9F2G08U0A. Do I need different BSP for the different Nandflash chips? Here is the information that the custom board sends out through the DBGU, and it may be helpful***********************

INFO : Low Level Init : OK
Dataflash init OK
Starting eboot ...
Master Clock is 48054841 Hz
ÿMaster Clock is 49920000 Hz
ÿMaster Clock is 49920000 Hz

Debug serial initialized ........OK

Microsoft Windows CE Ethernet Bootloader Common Library Version 1.1 Built May 29 2007 15:47:33
Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Ethernet Bootloader for the AT91SAM926xEK board
Adaptation performed by ADENEO (c) 2007

Master Clock is 49920000 Hz
Master Clock is 49920000 Hz

Press [ENTER] to launch image stored in flash or [SPACE] to cancel.
Initiating image launch in 5 seconds 4 seconds 3 seconds 2 seconds 1 seconds 0 seconds
System ready!
Preparing for download...
Initialize image flash .......Master Clock is 49920000 Hz

LoadBlocksInfo::g_pBlocksInfo : 0x80043340


Launching windows CE image by jumping at address 0x2006a000Master Clock is 49920000 Hz
]¥¹‘½Ý́CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) Built on Jun 24 2004 at 18:25:00
ProcessorType=0926 Revision=5
sp_abt=ffff5000 sp_irq=ffff2800 sp_undef=ffffc800 OEMAddressTable = 8006a020
Windows CE Firmware Init
BSP 1.7.0 for the AT91SAM9261EK board (built Aug 10 2007)
Adaptation performed by ADENEO (c) 2007
-OALIntrInit(rc = 1)
Initialize driver globals Zeros area...
pDrvGlobalArea 0x80068000 size 0x800 (0x80068800 -0x80068000)
Initialize driver globals Zeros area...done
|PLLA : 180633600 Hz|
|PLLB : 95846400 Hz|
Master Clock is 90316800 Hz
Master Clock is 90316800 Hz
Master Clock is 90316800 Hz
Test : 0x160c
g_oalTimer.msecPerSysTick : 0x1
g_oalTimer.countsPerMSec : 0x160c
g_oalTimer.countsMargin : 0x0
g_oalTimer.maxPeriodMSec : 0xb8
g_oalTimer.countsPerSysTick : 0x160c
g_oalTimer.actualMSecPerSysTick : 0x1
g_oalTimer.actualCountsPerSysTick : 0x160c
g_oalTimer.curCounts : 0x0
Master Clock is 90316800 Hz
pDrvGlobalArea->bEboot == TRUE. Forcing Clean Object store
Firmware Init Done.
AT91SAM926x_DispWatchDog 8000!
AT91SAM926x_SetWatchDogConfiguration 20000 => 5120
Clipping The Watchdog period to the maximum : 0xFFF (15996 ms)
-OEMInitWatchDogTimer (result = 15996)
OEMIoControl: Unsupported Code 0x10100b4 - device 0x0101 func 45
setrealtime 2857574912
-OALIoCtlHalInitRTC(rc = 1)
OEMIoControl: Unsupported Code 0x101008c - device 0x0101 func 35
OEMIoControl: Unsupported Code 0x10100d0 - device 0x0101 func 52
OEMIoControl: Unsupported Code 0x10100f8 - device 0x0101 func 62
Handle Event:0x43f5c49a, sysintr=0x10Master Clock is 90316800 Hz
FMD_GetBlockStatus::Logical block 0x417 is marked as bad

FMD_GetBlockStatus::Logical block 0x6BA is marked as bad

SPIDriver - SPI_Init - Context: Drivers\Active\03
SPIDriver - SPI_Init - Context: Drivers\Active\04
SPIDriver - SPI_Init - Context: Drivers\Active\05
Master Clock is 90316800 Hz
Loading eboot settings in registry ...
DHCP ... 1
IP ...
MASK ...
MAC ... 00-12-72-72-20-20
+OALIntrDisableIrqs(1, 0x81204ee8)
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Re: AT91SAM9261-EK Nandflash versions and BSP

Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:45 pm


It seems that you have some bad block problem, can you try to load your WinCe Demo Image with an earlier version of SAM-BA (v2.4 or earlier) because the bad block management has changed in SAM-BAv2.5 and the windowsCE 5.0 image doesn't support the new bad block management.

Adeneo Support Team.

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