Loading a programe in a AT91SAM7 using JTAG

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Loading a programe in a AT91SAM7 using JTAG

Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:09 pm

i am new AT91SAM7S64 user.
For few days i am trying to load a simple programme into the microcontroleur but it doesn't work.

I am working on a linux distribution.
The code is programed on eclipse softawre. I compile it with a Makefile which gives me a binary file among others (hex, elf..) . Then i want to send the binary file to the µcontroleur with the Atmel SAM-ICE. To do it i try to manage the J-Link commander (installed from the SEGGER website).

The probleme is I don't know in which configuration/state i have to set the µcontroler (TST pin, JTAGSEL pin...).
In the datasheet, there is information about the "Entering Serial Programming Mode" (chapter 20.3.2). So, should i programme the algorithm define in the chapter? or not?
If i have to, what does it mean "Shift 0x2 into the IR register", which register is IR?

Thank you for helping me :)

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