Why the bin code in the chip At91sam7x512 was gone? Help!

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Why the bin code in the chip At91sam7x512 was gone? Help!

Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:57 am

The following is the problem description:
The chip we use in our product is Atmel At91sam7x512. We program the bin code in the chip with the SEGGER J-link. According to our tests, the product always worked normally. All things went well, so we put these goods in our storeroom. Both temperature and humidity in the storeroom is under control and nobody touched them during the storage. However, when we restarted to power up our products few weeks ago, two of them cannot work.
According to our knowledge, we think that the missing code of the software may be the reason. First, if the program in the chip runs normally, the corresponding LED light in our product will blink. But for those two, the LED does not work.
Second, we used J-link to read bin code and showed all 0xFF on the screen (see the figure below).
Besides, we downloaded the same bin code in these two chips which cannot work before, both of them can work normally again.
We had made sure that the voltage for the chips is normal, and the hardware we designed is OK. We are confused why only few of them happen :cry:
Thanks for your support in advance. I very much appreciate some clarifications to these matters.

Best Regards

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