This forum is for users of Atmel's SAM Series and who are interested in using µC/OS-II, The Real-Time Kernel.

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Mon Apr 18, 2005 10:48 pm

Dear Members,

You are probably looking for support on using AT91 Products. You have come to the right place. But to make this place a nice place for everybody, please always keep the following things in mind:

1) Before you ask a question or post a problem, please make a Search . Having almost 10 times the same question will pollute the Forum and will make the search for those who are using it more and more painful.

2) Check our FAQs, Application Notes and Software Package Examples we have on the AT91 Website and ATMEL Website. As you have probably noticed, the AT91 CDROM is on-line !! All we provide for All AT91 Products are on !

3) Don't double post the same topic in different forums ! one topic is enough.

4) Make your Subject/Post clear = more effective answer.

Thank you for your understanding,

The AT91 Team :wink:

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