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SAM-Ba & 3S1B. sam-ba has some problem.

Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:14 pm
by acorrd
Hi all,

Our previous board had used SAM7S64 well , and now, we are migraiting to 3S1B.

To write user code to 3S1B, connected sam-ba. but it does not do anything.

test 1 : tied TST pin to high -> power on -> after 10 sec -> power off->
release TST pin -> power on -> attach USB cable

test 2 : tied ERASE pin to high -> power on -> after 10sec -> power off ->
release ERASE pin -> power on -> attach USB cable

two tests have same result.
Sam-Ba first window was displayed , then I've selected com port & 3S1 board.
after do it, second window of Sam-ba does not appeared .

Computer is Vista 32bit, Sam-ba is 2.10 CDC.
Crystal is 12Mhz. Output signal of USB connection detection is supplied to
PA15 pin. Resistor divider was used to take attached signal which is same to EVM board.

How can I solve this problem?