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Bootable USB mass storage device using at91sam3u

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:36 pm
by Kalyani
Hi all,

We are developing a bootable USB mass storage device using AT91SAM3U controller.I am using ATMEL at91lib v1.9 as reference. I am able to boot different dell laptops and some of the dell desktops from the device.
But facing problem while booting with few models of desktop.The PC BIOS hangs for about 5 mins and then it shows the boot menu where the mass storage device is not listed.
The USB analyzer logs taken using TotalPhase Beagle 480 analyzer are attached for your reference from which we can observe that there is a periodic timeout after the SET CONFIGURATION command and the device is not responding to the INQUIRY command.

Any help would be appreciated.